Friday, June 17, 2011


Hey everybody, how are you doing?  I have finally recovered from an infection that put me down for about a week.  

I am trying to gather my supplies and my thoughts for our retreat we will be attending this coming weekend.  We always have some serious fun...sorry for those of you that are not going this know who you are. You will certainly be missed and who will help me clean up my messes in the kitchen floor.  Maybe I will be banned again. 

Tonight I wanted to show you the canvas that I made for my son Brad.  He loves loud music and his many guitars.  

I used many non traditional scrapbooking items for this project. I went into my local Westlake Hardware store and got as many cool things as I could find.  Wire, washers, duct tape, clips and eye hooks just to name a few.  I wanted this to take on an industrial and urban feel.  Quite fitting for the rocker theme.

I also used 4 different canvases that I attached together from the back.  Be careful, the wood on canvases is very soft and you can do some damage.  Personal experience talking....

I also included some of his memorabilia from concerts that he had attended.  The drum stick was from the Silvertide drummer and somebody autographed the ticket stub.  I cannot for the life of me remember who...obviously not too important to me. LOL

I wanted to share this as a jumping off point for your creativity.  You can use canvas and your scrapbooking tools and supplies to make a wonderful and memorable work of art.   

I will for sure post pictures and projects from the retreat.  I am sure that I will have some hilarious stories on myself as well.  Until next safe and create.


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