Friday, July 06, 2012

My Weenie Dog!

Hello Friends!

I am having a great time on my mini vacation!  And I am getting a lot done.  My creativity has been working overtime.  Look for more posts later for the projects that I have rolling around in my head.  Last  weekend I worked on wedding invites for a couple of friends of my son.  As soon as I get mine in the mail I will post it.  I was pleased with how they turned out, but more important so was the bride to be.

Today, I wanted to show you two canvases I made for my office.  I have the most adorable miniature dachshund named Oscar.  He is usually the focal point of my Christmas cards.  I wanted to create some art for my office and what better subject than my weenie.  We are great dog lovers at my office so they were very popular pieces.

Once I got started I knew I needed another piece to fill the space.

These are 16 x 20 canvases.  It really is an easy project, unfortunately you have to be a little patient.  I do not normally hold to that practice, patience I mean, but I survived. 

Under normal circumstances you would use all of your scraps for this.  But, everyone that knows me knows I do not keep scraps.  I know, it goes against all things scrapbook sacred....LOL  They do get recycled to my cropping friends and they always LOVE them.

Anyway, I took all the red and blue patterned papers I had and tore them into pieces.  I then Mod Podged them to the canvas.  While it dried I cut the puppy and the bone on my cricut to make a stencil.  I painted the space around the shape out to about 2" from the  edge of the canvas.  Easy Peasy!

Now here is my subject.......

Talk to you later my friends!  Be Safe....and create!


  1. Those are so cute.


  2. So cute! Totally love this idea! We have a long- haired weiner named Sammy. Thanks for the inspiration-Holly :-)

  3. How cute is this?? Too cute. Love that project and your muse is so adorable!!



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